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Around Kathmandu

Hiking around Kathmandu offers you an  opportunity to see fantastic mountain views and explore Nepalese countryside without going too far and without climbing high. Besides you do not have to lose the comfort of the city while doing these hikes.

Kathmandu is a valley surrounded by green hills all around . These hills are covered with terraced farms, picturesque villages and  lush green  forests. Despite being near from Kathmandu these  villages are still not affected by  modernity and  offer  a chance to see traditional village life. You can see temples, monasteries and Stupas along the trails . You can see farmers working in the fields and pilgrims praying in the monasteries

These Kathmandu hikes are for every age group and for all seasons. If you want to have a taste of trekking in Nepal but do not have time to go all the way up to the remote mountains, these hikes are for you  . A Kathmandu trekking , combined with sightseeing tours of heritages sites and a scenic flight to see Mt Everest could make a fantastic short trip of Nepal.

There are many short treks available near Kathmandu ranging from day hikes to short treks of 2days, 3 days or even longer   .  We have offered here the best three among them .

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